The Dog Team

NORLSAR currently has a number of Air Scent and Ground Scent dogs in training, and one operational Air Scent dog, Juno. The handlers and dogs train continuously, in varied locations throughout Norfolk and surrounding counties. Search dogs are a valuable asset to the team, due to their speed in covering ground and locating people in […]

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Brownies, Thorpe St Andrews Talk

We recently were invited to provide a presentation and demonstration talk to one of the local Brownie Packs in Thorpe St. Andrews, Norwich about who we are and what we achieve as a charity, At the talk our Search Dog “Flynn” came along to demonstrate how a search dog operates within a search environment, The […]

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Congratulations Ian and Juno!

On Saturday,Ā Ian Danks and his lovely GSP, Juno, went through two ALSAR assessments. They did their Level 1, Stage 3 assessment in the morning, and their Level 1, Stage 4 assessment in the afternoon. They passed both with flying colours! The stage three assessment involved finding a missing person over a 0.5 km distance. Stage […]

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LAST CALLOUT : 6 Jan | (03/2022)    Team called to assist Norfolk Police with a high risk missing person in Norwich