Congratulations Ian and Juno!

On Saturday, Ian Danks and his lovely GSP, Juno, went through two ALSAR assessments. They did their Level 1, Stage 3 assessment in the morning, and their Level 1, Stage 4 assessment in the afternoon. They passed both with flying colours! The stage three assessment involved finding a missing person over a 0.5 km distance. Stage […]

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May Training

On the last Friday of each month, the NorLSAR team trains to maintain and improve its practical skills. May’s training involved transporting injured persons, navigational skills, chemical hazards and rope throwing. […]

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Water Training

  Members of the NorLSAR water team have to train rigorously to qualify as responders for the NorLSAR Flood Relief team. Their training includes how to stay safe in fast flowing water. As well has being well trained, it is important that each team member has appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).   […]

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First Aid Refresher

On the second Wednesday of each month there is a full team training session on an aspect of SAR. April’s session revised first aid training with an emphasis on use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) and helping a person who is choking.   Automated defibrillators are designed so that they can be safely used by members of the […]

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Dog Training in Thetford Forest

  Beautiful Thetford Forest offers several different sites that are suitable for SAR training. These sites are particularly useful training grounds for the NorLSAR dog team. The dog team is an enthusiastic group of NorLSAR search technicians. Some of them are dog handlers; others are there for essential dog team support. There are currently five NorLSAR dogs […]

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LAST CALLOUT : 6 Jan | (03/2022)    Team called to assist Norfolk Police with a high risk missing person in Norwich