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We are a registered charity If you think you can devote some of your spare time and energy into helping your community and the local emergency services.

Search Technicians / Flood First Responder / Lowland Rescue First Responder / Team Leader / Radio Operators / Search Planners / Search Operations / Administrators / Fundraisers / …

Due to a large intake we are not currently recruiting until at least April 2022.
However, if you’d like to be put on our waiting list, please contact us

The Recruitment Process

Our intake of new recruits is complete for now.

However, if you are interested in joining our waiting list, contact us via email or the through the website, you will be sent a new members pack.

This explains, in more detail, the recruitment process and how the team functions. We have 3 recruitment periods per year, beginning in January, May and September. You would be invited to come to an induction day at the start of that period, where the training programme and commitment required will be explained.

Just by asking for us to make contact you are not committing yourself and we are fully aware that searching for missing people is not suitable for everyone.

24 hours a day, 356 days a year

As a trained member you may be called on to take part in searches for a missing person overnight or during working hours – so you’ll always need your gear packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

In return we would ask you to be realistic about your availability, talk to us we understand that not everyone can be on call all of the time, due to work and family commitments.

We would urge you to speak with your family and employer about this, we are realistic about our expectations. If you cannot be called on during working hours or have night time commitments please make us aware of these and we will not call you during these periods.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Even though we may not be recruiting team members we could always do with a helping hand through fundraising ideas or local business support.

LAST CALLOUT : 6 Jan | (03/2022)    Team called to assist Norfolk Police with a high risk missing person in Norwich